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Sell NYC

Selling NYC

There are few things as emotional as selling your home.

We understand the significance of this journey, and it’s exactly why we operate as we do. With care. With kindness. With fierce determination. And with our signature Black Diamond concierge-level service.

Team Carte Blanche offers a full-service home selling approach designed for savvy sellers to maximize exposure and selling price. We have earned a reputation through tactful pre-market exposure, stylistic home preparation, omnichannel marketing, and global agent outreach.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to sell your home at the highest price in the shortest amount of time. We work hard—and, most importantly, smart—to ensure your home is shown in the best possible light (pun intended, because yes, we do strategize the best time of day to shoot photos and videos). We maximize ROI by generating the greatest exposure among qualified buyers. And we have a track record of success that proves it.

5 Keys TO Selling in nyc

Hire the right Team

  • Our expertise in marketing strategies and pricing techniques is designed to maximize exposure for your property while attracting qualified buyers.
  • We are collaborative, providing a boots-on-the-ground perspective to help you navigate market conditions, neighborhood trends, and buyer preferences. You can rely on us to be your champions and problem solvers.
  • Ensure your property receives the attention it deserves, no questions asked. Your Property, Your Way.

The Pricing Sweet Spot

  • The most effective way to generate buyer activity is to price your property competitively.
  • We’ll assess your home’s worth to determine market value and create a well-researched competitive market analysis (CMA) to determine listing price.
  • We’ll find that sweet spot: price a home too low and you risk selling for less than you could have. Price too high and you risk losing precious days on market and may need to consider an eventual price drop.

Elevate Your Space

  • You wouldn’t pay full price for kicks with holes in them—a home is no different: it has to look like the price tag you put on it.

  • We are meticulous and hands-on in preparing your home, helping to coordinate every detail so we can maximize the sale price.
  • Whether that’s decluttering and deep cleaning, painting, repairing, or staging, we have access to the best professionals to get the job done…or we roll up our sleeves and do it ourselves—that’s just who we are.

Sell The Story

  • This is where we really shine: we’ll craft a custom marketing plan that showcases all the fly features of your home.
  • Carte Blanche leaves no stone unturned. From basic advertising like open houses and high-quality photos and videos to advanced digital marketing campaigns, we ensure your home is properly positioned to attract the right buyer.
  • Every home has its story. It’s our job to share that with the world. The ultimate goal: plenty of buzz, excellent exposure, and swift sales.

Negotiate & Close

  • Our secret sauce? Our negotiation skills. We deftly field offers to ensure you arrive at the best possible price.
  • Once we receive a fair market price you’re ready to accept, we’ll enter escrow and coach you through the remainder of the process including appraisal, title, and property inspection.
  • When all passes go, it’s time to seal the deal. We’ll walk you through the remaining paperwork—get ready to sign on the dotted line!
Sales Timeline
Offer To Contract
Contract To Closing
Obtain due diligence materials from building
Broker, Management
Pre-market listing
Redraw floorplan
1-2 days
Move Out Items / Organize / Clean
Sellers, Movers, Broker
3 days
7-10 days
Stager, Broker
Photos / Video or 3D Tour
1 day
Photographer, Broker
Photos received, selections made
1-2 business days
Edited photos received
1-2 business days
Launch listing to the public
On date TBD with seller
Showings begin
Weekend following
Offer received
1-2 weeks
Negotiations / offer acceptance
1-2 days
1-3 hours
Inspector, Broker, Buyer
Due diligence / contract negotiation
7-10 days
Contract signing / deposit paid
Buyer, Attorney
Counter signing
Within 24 hours of buyer signing
Seller, Attorney
*Deal is now binding*
Buyer applies for Loan
2-3 months
Buyer, Lender
Bank Appraisal
ASAP, within a week of contract
Broker, Appraiser
Loan Commitment
2-4 weeks
Buyer, Lender
Purchase application
3-6 weeks
Buyer, Broker
Management reviews
10 business days*
Notification of condo right of refusal
1-3 weeks
Loan is finalized
1-2 weeks
Lender, Buyer
Bank issues Clearance to Close
Minimum 3 days before closing
Bank & Attorney Prep Closing
1 week
Lender, Attorney
Closing date is set
1-2 weeks later
All parties
Final Walk Through
Day before or day of closing
Buyer, Broker
2-3 hours
All parties
*Per usual contract terms, board package must be submitted within 10 business days of contract signing or within 3 days of receipt of loan commitment, if financing.
Case Studies
Seller Case Study: 35 Prospect Park West, Maisonette
This sale was a landmark. Not just because of the location, but also the story behind it.

I was introduced to the Sellers in August of 2020 where we discussed strategy, pricing, and my team’s value proposition. It would be a few days later that I’d find out the sellers decided that a “building broker” was the way to go and didn’t hire me. I went with grace and wished them well.

Unit 1B launched in September overpriced and in original condition. It sat on the market for three weeks with no inquiries or showings. The Sellers delisted and took the winter to regroup and gave me a call in February 2021 to discuss listing the property. Chastened from the previous experience, the sellers were cautiously optimistic that my team’s approach would yield better results.

In April, I went about repositioning the unit from perception to presentation. I renamed the unit “Maisonette” and then orchestrated decluttering, painting, renovating, and staging over four weeks with our brokerage fronting the costs until closing. New and improved, I launched in May and in only 21 days negotiated a $100,000 over-ask offer. In tandem, I helped them identify and secure a new place to buy elsewhere in Brooklyn and successfully closed on both properties days apart in October 2021.

This storybook ending was the result of trust, proper pricing, presentation, and my ability to create the environment for over-ask offers. It can be your ending as well.

Carte Blanch Confidential
Carte Blanch Confidential
Carte Blanch Confidential
Carte Blanch Confidential
Case Studies
Seller Case Study: 508 West 24th Street, #5NS

We just successfully sold 508 West 24th Street, 5NS; a 5BR, 4.5BA loft with a double elevator overlooking The High Line, last asking $11,000,000. This was a takeover from another broker that made no substantial improvements to the unit and overpriced it by 10%.

Enter my team with the mandate to reposition the property in a way that would elicit the highest price in the shortest amount of time, market conditions notwithstanding.

Our first order of business was to give the unit an extensive refresh: sanding and refinishing floors, reimagining the kitchen, painting the entire apartment with select spaces identified for color, polished marble throughout, restored millwork, added designer lighting, and created a sanctuary of a space in the primary bedroom.

Next, we had the space fully staged with an eye toward celebrating the just shy of 5000SF space with a mix of contemporary, vintage, and period pieces replete with significant artwork throughout.

Press was unbelievable with features in Architectural Digest, Forbes, The Robb Report, Cottage & Gardens, and more, with a highlight appearance on NBC’s Open House NYC.

Finally, we deployed experiential marketing hosting a number of events capped by our partnership furnishing $1M worth of Hermès bags in the unit.

I negotiated the terms of the offer, oversaw the board package preparation, and facilitated a smooth closing. Even the buyer’s broker and her buyer shared their deep appreciation and remarked that it was a rare experience.

All my best,

Carte Blanch Confidential
Carte Blanch Confidential
Carte Blanch Confidential
Carte Blanch Confidential
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