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NYC Buyer's Guide


Property Types & Differences:

Learn whether a condo, co-op, townhouse, or multi-family home is right for you.

Submitting Offers:

While putting in an offer is very exciting, to get a smart deal you need to know a few tips.

Your Homebuying Timeline:

Acquiring real estate in New York City is daunting, this timeline breaks it down into easy to follow and progress steps.

NYC Seller's Guide


Be Smart. Price Right:

A competitive price point will generate the most activity from buyers and brokers and help ensure the highest price and fewest days on market.

The Seller’s Process:

This timeline breaks down the process into easy to follow and progress steps.

Estimated Seller Closing Costs:

A snapshot of the closing costs you can expect to pay.

NYC Renter's Guide


When You Should Start Looking:

A smart timeline to make your home search as easy as possible.

Using a Guarantor:

All you need to know about securing a guarantor to co-sign your lease.

Selecting Your Neighborhood:

A breakdown of what you can expect to pay in NYC neighborhoods.