Need an excuse to have some wine? Probably not, given the current situation (or ever). But just in case: wine promotes the release of dopamine and serotonin in our brain, as all pleasurable activities do. By raising dopamine levels, wine can make us feel good, which I think we all need right now. But before moving on to that second bottle, remember that drinking too much can alter other brain chemicals that determine feelings of depression. Definitely not something we want to amplify at the moment. So try (keyword here is TRY) to practice some restraint and keep it modest!

Now on to the pairings….


Bichi Pet Mex – This unfiltered, biodynamic Pét-Nat (“pétillant naturel”) sparkling rose is quirky and will be a great  complement to your favorite comedy, especially when you see the bottle.

It also comes from a vineyard comprised of a mystery grape variety that remains unidentified. So you could drink it with a mystery or true crime as well!


2010 Bonny Doon Contra – this is described as an “Old-Vine Field Blend.” A blend of what exactly though, we don’t know…the bottle doesn’t mention what grape varietals are used. I just like that it shares a name with one of my favorite Nintendo games, which I would love to be playing right about now! [Up up down down left right left right B A Start]


Pick up a Petit Sirah (perhaps Michael David Earthquake Petite Sirah, shout out to Lodi, my hometown!). This wine varietal is dark and full bodied with notes of blackberry, chocolate, and some pepper and spice. Some say that red wine also releases or provides the same effect as oxytocin – the “love hormone.”


You may not have heard of Petit Verdot. It’s a red grape that was traditionally used as a minor blending grape in Bordeaux wines. However, as it has spread to warmer climates, winemakers have realized that Petit Verdot can make intensely bold, fruity yet floral, red wines that can easily stand on their own.


Open up a Pinot Noir. This is a serious wine that is highly regarded and known for being a difficult grape to grow – much as documentaries can be difficult to make.