Orange is the New White. Or in this case, it could be the new red. This is a white (orange) wine for red wine drinkers. The extended skin contact (7+ months of maceration) creates a complex wine that if blind tasted, might confuse or surprise you. If you’re looking for a palate-altering experience, this is your wine.

Famous for its fascinating and unusual white wines, this region is home to many avant-garde winemakers (such as Gravner and Vie di Romans). Josko Gravner has been heralded as one of the greatest and most influential winemakers in Friuli and beyond. Gravner pioneered stainless steel fermentation and temperature control technology before forgoing technology and chemicals to pursue strictly natural winemaking. Currently, the Gravner wines are fermented and aged in underground Georgian clay amphorae, which are believed by many to be the first tanks ever to hold wine (more than 4,000 years)

This biodynamic, natural wine is made from 100% Ribolla Gialla, which yields opulent and richly layered white wines. These wines are savory (as opposed to fruity) and are fantastic matches for the seafood dishes common to the Adriatic Coast of Friuli.

I don’t normally spend this much money on a bottle of wine (aside from Champagne) but I tried this during a tasting at Union Square Wines and couldn’t resist. I have one of the 2004 bottles which I can’t find online anymore so this one will have to be saved for a very special occasion. You can buy the 2010 vintage at Astor Wines for $80.