Pairing wine with food can be tricky even when a meal is simple. On a holiday like Thanksgiving, when plates are piled high with an abundance of mains and sides, selecting an appropriate wine can feel like a daunting task. Best bet – go for bottles that complement a wide variety of foods. Pinot Noir is a widely loved wine and a traditional favorite for Thanksgiving. Its subtle earthy undertones and fruity notes tend to show well with the traditional flavors of turkey, cranberry sauce, and stuffing.

“On Thanksgiving, I typically don’t like to pull super-complicated wines,” Aldo Sohm, who oversees the wine at Le Bernardin, tells The Post. “Pinot noir is a little bit lighter, a little bit fresher” than other reds. Since you’ll be sipping it over the course of a long meal (and perhaps before and after too) “you want to choose something you can drink all day and not get tired of it.”

You can’t go wrong with a Sonoma Coast or Willamette Valley Pinot, with tons of options to fit a variety of budgets. If you grab a French Burgundy from Cote d’Or, that will most likely be a Pinot vs Beaujolais which tends to be Gamay. Or try the Bodega Chacra Barda Pinot Noir from Argentina recommended by Sohm: $24 at Astor Wine & Spirits.